YONI DETOX (Dr. Sebi inspired)

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An herbal blend intended to help women in nourishing and maintaining a healthy reproductive system, including the uterus and cervix. Helps maintain healthy uterine lining and muscles. Helps to maintain normal menstrual cycle. Helps to cleanse blood. Helps maintain healthy iron levels. Supports hormone balance. Helps nourish and cleanse female reproductive system. You may even experience some weight loss due to the expelled elements and waste. This is NOT another delicious tasting liquid nutrient. However, the quick results leave everyone happy. You will be pleased with the results too. Mornings. MIX 1 tablespoon of the herbs with 1 cup/8oz of hot spring or distilled water add (optional honey and lemon). Stir Well! Strain into another glass. Drink within 10 to 20 mins. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Use for a maximum of 1 weeks 7 days, STOP for 2 weeks. Give your organs a rest. Repeat as needed. Continue to eat lean and green. Up to 15 Servings per bag. WILD HARVESTED - RED RASPBERRY LEAF - PAU D'ARCO BARK - FENNEL SEED - OLIVE LEAF - VITEX BERRY - RED CLOVER HERB - BURDOCK ROOT - HIBISCUS FLOWER - WORMWOOD POWDER - MULLEIN LEAF - NON-SYNTHETIC.


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